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Martial Arts are traditional and codified systems of combat practices. It is practiced for passion, military, health, fitness among various other reasons. Martial arts were initially the space of men like various other fields and the word ‘bravery’ in ancient times were more often associated with men. However, in the recent times, this thought has been rubbished, and martial arts are being learned by men and women alike. In a society dominated by men, martial arts is one of those few areas where women can gain the equality they are looking for.

Why should women learn martial arts?

  • Learn to defend yourself: Though we live in a society where men and women co-exist women can’t always look for men to have their back. There might be instances where she has to stand up for herself and defend herself when she has to. Learning a martial art will help her become independent and self-reliant.
  • Builds your confidence: If you know that you can take the world all by yourself, you will feel much more confident and happy. That is the feel, knowing a martial art can give you. It helps you walk with your head held high.
  • You need not have to actually fight: It is all about how your mind conceives the world. You need not have to learn a martial art only to knock off the bad guys, any form of art will help you stay fit internally, stabilizes the mind and helps you face the ordeals of life with ease.
  • The best tool for fitness freaks: Learning a martial art keeps you fit and helps you love your body. So learning something of this sort makes you both beautiful and brave.
  • Be one among the few: Not many women master this art completely. So if you are doing it passionately then you will be one among the few. It’s always a great feeling to be one of a kind and unique.

The world is changing:

Organizations like NWMAF, connect women with the common liking for martial arts. Women who are interested in different forms of arts can join this large club, be it learning or teaching. NWMAF stands for National Women’s National Art Federation, and it works with a single motto, that is to empower women through martial arts and self-defense training. Today in the rapidly changing world, it is quite happy to see men who are feminists and who want women to be treated equally. Parents are expecting more out of their daughters than the mundane responsibility of being a good daughter-in-law. Also, kitchen has become a space where men and women co-exist. So it the right time girls, dust your shoes, pat yourself and master an art that can hold your back.